She did what my previous attorney did not do which was see behind the nonsense and fluff and turned an "uphill battle" for 2 yrs into a withdrawal from the petitioner after less than 1 yr of having her. I need to say there are no words to describe how excellent she is. Between Ms Franklin and Heather... Phenomenal. Always straight to the point, always fact finding. They cut through all the "mush" and get to the black and white and THAT is what the focus is. This is why she is widely respected. She does not entertain nonsense and was a shield to me - that's the least I can say. Prior to her- I felt everything, emotionally drained and ready to give up. She stepped in and I never once felt any burden. It was relief. I could breathe and mother my children. She protected me and my children from a narcissist and manipulator. She fought for me. Not in just a client sense. She fought for me as a human being and a parent. She fought for me because I deserved fair representation. I just wish I could place everything in this review , find the right words... but I can't. All I can say is she is profoundly the best at what she does. Very direct, very honest and a human being. And truly a God send.

– Jessica